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Departments – Bouquets & Arrangements

Our bouquet and arrangement departments might be the best-kept secret weapon in our five-state delivery area. With brand new recipes for premade designs that are refreshed every week, there’s sure to be something new and beautiful available in your shop all the time. What’s not a secret is that your customers want fresh, vibrant designs at a fair price, and premade bouquets and arrangements allow you to provide just that without the stress and added workload of creating them yourself—especially during busy times. Designs are packaged to sell in on-trend sleeves and containers and can be added easily to your inventory with already barcoded shelf tags.

Speaking of busy times, have you ever had an order that you just didn’t know if you could fill? Maybe you have multiple weddings on one weekend or the biggest holiday party you’ve ever booked… and you’re overwhelmed. We are here to help! The production teams in the design department can act as an extension of your workroom to support and execute your creative vision for large events like weddings, banquets, parties, and more with custom designs and beautiful custom garland. We’ve produced garland orders from five feet all the way up to 900+ feet for a single event! We are here for you—call Vicki and her team for help with your next big event.

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