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Sustainability Initiatives

FLOWER SOURCINGAll of our source farms are certified under strict Veriflora standards in addition to at least one of the following: Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance, Organic and/or Fair Flowers. These certifications enable our farms to be environmentally sustainable in regards to crop production, resource conservation, energy efficiency, ecosystem protection, and integrated waste management, ensuring a safe and pure product of the best quality. Our source farms also abide by strict Fair Labor Practices and focus on benefiting their communities and the health and well-being of their workers and families.

Certification practices include:

Using predatory insects to control harmful insects,
instead of using dangerous chemicals and pesticides
Sustainable performance approaches
concerning organic pest management
Vacuum systems that suck bugs up after they
have been brushed off the plants
Requirements for growers to develop a plan to convert
to organic pest management and soil fertility practices
Optimized use of valuable water resources:
95% of water used for irrigation is recycled rain water!
Biological, mechanical, and cultural methods
to control pest and disease vectors
Using a steaming process on the soil for better
aeration and nutrient absorption
Requirements to apply the least toxic pest
management and disease control systems
Seed-to-Store product life cycle (used to account for
greenhouse gas emissions and minimized fossil fuel use)
Requirements to integrate organic practices, including
pest management and disease control
Written justification for use of all
permitted synthetic pesticides
Permitted synthetic pesticides must be critical for crop
management where there are no viable alternatives
Minimal agrochemical inputs and no GMOs,
plus extensive pollution prevention practices
Ecosystem and water quality protection, plus resource
conservation measures to protect ecosystems

Learn more at www.veriflora.com


Koehler & Dramm’s actions for a sustainable environment include:

Compost all plant material waste on-site, and recycle or reuse cardboard, paper, aluminum, plastic, and packing material
Retrofitted lighting with energy-saving,
high efficiency fixtures and motion sensor controls to regulate usage
Participated in an Xcel Energy audit to study AC and heating units for replacement to increase efficiency and decrease fossil fuel use


SUCCESS STORIESVeriflora is bringing about tangible changes that are already benefiting farmers and workers, the environment, and consumers. Some of the changes accomplished to date include new searches for organic materials and alternatives, eliminating dangerous agrochemicals to save cost and provide a safer work environment, building community programs in health and education, increasing employee satisfaction, problem-solving, and teamwork, implementing changes in water management and erosion control, and improving quality control measures for better product quality and longevity. Together we work towards a more sustainable environment!