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Our Philosophy

Our Mission:

We are dedicated to being one of the nation’s leaders in the floral industry by offering more products, knowledge, service, education, and inspiration under one roof. We are grateful to our customers for the business they entrust with us, and we value the friendships we have forged.


Our Vision:

The vision of Koehler & Dramm is to be the elite wholesaler, where high energy, enthusiasm, and pride are apparent.

Where merchandise is fresh, latest in trends, and well-maintained.

Where quality and service is so valuable to our customers’ success that our products become their top choice.

Where aggressive goals are shared within the company, and we work together to achieve them.


Our Code:

1. Operate with morality, honesty, and respect.

Aretha Franklin said it best: R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Treat others how you would like to be treated. Don’t lie, cheat, or steal. Consistently practice acceptance, kindness, courtesy, generosity, and teamwork. Embrace diversity and different points of view. Be ethical. Say please and thank you.


2. Be passionate about your job and a source of inspiration for those around you.

Find something to love about what you do, even on bad days. Maintain a positive attitude. Encourage and empower others. Try new things. Share your ideas, and give credit where it’s due. Work hard, have fun, and learn something every day. Share your knowledge with your team and our customers. Smile!


3. Demonstrate dedication and reliability.

Do what you say you will. Be trustworthy and fair. Show up and be on time. Do the right thing, always. Try your hardest, do your best. Be someone people can count on. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Don’t compromise your values or those of the company. Help create a fun, safe, and positive environment for our team and our customers.