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Departments – Plants

Recently, plants have been gaining popularity in the market, due to social movements like “going green,” urban gardening, creating “green” living spaces, increased environmental social responsibility, and others. You’re likely seeing an increased interest in living plants from your customers as a response to this—we’re even seeing more and more weddings and events featuring live plants—and our plant department can help you meet that demand. Throughout the year, we carry over 200 varieties of green and blooming plants, along with in-demand novelty items like magnetic mini succulents (one of our top sellers!), cactus gardens, mixed garden baskets, and more! We pride ourselves on our consistent inventory and quality— and on our ever-growing selection of varieties and sizes—and our connections also allow us to source plants by special request.

Not only are we at the forefront of trending plants like succulents, cacti, tillandsias, large tropical foliage, and more, but we’re also your number-one source for holiday favorites and go-tos like Easter lilies, poinsettias, spathiphyllum, and many more. When it comes to care and handling to ensure long-lasting and healthy plants, we’ve got your back with a wide selection of soil, fungicides, and other amendments to give you and your customers a reliable, lush, and hardy product.

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