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Departments – Hard Goods

Have you ever wondered what an entire warehouse full of any supply item a florist could dream of would look like? If you want to find out, just pay us a visit! Not only do we carry an extensive line of basic essentials like foam, glue, tools, wire, basic glass vases in all shapes and sizes, baskets, candles, ribbon, and more, but we also have the largest selection of novelty product in the upper Midwest. Sure, it can be a little overwhelming at first glance, but when you can find the preserved product, silk stems, novelty glass, specialty ribbon, and MANY other novelty containers and accessories—even large-scale event supplies—that you can’t find anywhere else, it starts to feel less overwhelming and more like a florist’s dream come true.

Our hard goods buying team closely analyzes and predicts current and upcoming trends before each season so our inventory is consistent and in line with what your customers will be asking you for. In fact, we hand-curate numerous collections and in-store displays throughout the year to help you get inspired and break the cycle of what everyone else is doing. Our extensive inventory allows you to be truly unique in the market. We even invite qualifying customers on our buying trips with us, so you can see firsthand (and buy!) brand new products before anyone else. Our commitment to keeping you current in the industry is just one of the things that sets us apart.

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